Our Afternoon with VR Prosthetics

Last Tuesday afternoon we were lucky enough to work with a group of scientists on a special project about prosthetic limbs.  We were helping the team to design an exhibition which they will be showing in different museums in Sheffield later this year.

The activities we took part in were all designed to get us to think about how the arm is made up of different bones and muscles and also to help us have some understanding of what life with a prosthetic limb might be like.

IMG_0699 IMG_0700IMG_0707 IMG_0708

We carried out different activities one handed to help us see how difficult it is to have just one hand. These included building animals out of multi link, folding and cutting a piece of paper and searching for a paper clip in a match box full of other little things.

IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0710IMG_0709 IMG_0712IMG_0711 IMG_0716

IMG_0732 IMG_0730

IMG_0745 IMG_0740

These children are ordering different prosthetic arms from oldest to newest. The oldest one dates from Egyptian times!

IMG_0704 IMG_0705

IMG_0744 IMG_0743 IMG_0742 IMG_0739


For this activity we had to design our own prosthetic hand. We included features like phone chargers and lights. Some of us even had nails that changed colour to show your mood!

IMG_0713 IMG_0714

IMG_0715 IMG_0721IMG_0722 IMG_0723

The final activity involved using virtual reality to control a hand on screen. We had to build an arm! This was tricky but great fun!

IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0720 IMG_0719 IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0728 IMG_0737 IMG_0746 IMG_0747